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Writing Samples

Gordon's writing has included strategic plans, case statements, brochures, and feature articles. Click on the links for two examples:


Beth Israel Hospital Case Statement

Beth Israel's case was developed after extensive interviews with doctors, staff, and trustees. In essence, it was a response to the current climate of health care reform. Beth Israel inspires a fervent belief in its patient-centered form of health care delivery. The campaign provided the resources to sustain this attitude toward care in the midst of fiscal uncertainty brought about by outside forces. As Dr. Rabkin said: "Beth Israel is an anchor to windward in a stormy sea." And as more than one donor noted: "Beth Israel is a special kind of hospital."

This Web version contains the entire text. To conserve bandwidth, not all photography has been included. However, it is still a large file. Please be patient.

Diversity at New England Conservatory

Diversity is a central issue for many campuses, even at New England Conservatory, which has a student body that is more than one-third minority and international. When the Board of Trustees decided to give a thorough review of NEC's policies and attitudes, Gordon was appointed liaison to the committee and coordinated the interviews, discussions, and deliberations. It is a different way to look at the role of communicator: the task was to bring off-campus trustees and overseers in contact with representative voices on campus, both assenting and dissenting, then help them write position papers and policy documents to enact their recommendations.

This article for the alumni magazine came after about a year and a half of work, bringing the greater NEC community up to date on progress.


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