The Tailored Case
AFP Massachusetts Chapter Conference
Boston, November 2002

Resource List

General Information on On-Demand Printing

Analyses of market factors leading to on-demand printing. Several prospectuses for
marketing studies of on-demand printing:
Benefits of on-demand printing:
Examples of current practice
Legal firm:
Also includes discussion of VDP (variable data printing)
Glossary of digital printing and imaging terms:
How on-demand printing works (from book publishers’ point-of-view):
Introduction to digital imaging:
On-demand resources:
KnowledgeBase includes articles on digital workflow practices, communications strategies, and
"LiquiData.” Library includes article on PDF workflow
Print On Demand Initiative:
Articles and links to resources on trends in publishing. Resource library with best practices, case studies,
newsletters, white papers, and several PowerPoint presentations outlining theory and practice. System
requirements for print on-demand:
Professional desktop publishing:
Follow links for information on VDP database publishing and SOHO software.
General DTP resources:
Brief history of impact of Xerox’s DocuTech printer

Trade Associations and Events

Design & Print Center:
Various resources for graphic design. Includes online newsletter
Digital Printing and Imaging Association:
Graphic Arts Information Network:
Formerly GATF/PIA: professional level site with online bookstore
National Association for Printing Leadership:
Includes online bookstore
On Demand Expo:
April 7–9, 2003, Javits Convention Center, New York, N.Y.
Preregistered Exhibit Hall admission free with advance registration.
Conference fee $50–$1100, depending on level of access
The site contains registration information, order forms for audio tapes, and links to past presentations.
Print On Demand Initiative:
“A catalyst for digital printing infrastructure for more efficient delivery of information using the printed page.”
Includes extensive resource library
Seybold Seminars:
Site archives contain transcripts of lectures and panels from past conventions

Trade Magazines
For a comprehensive list:

Desktop Journal:
Includes online current and back issues. Free issue offer
Digital Publishing Solutions:
Includes online back-issue articles. Free subscription
Direct Online:
Online journal for direct marketing. Includes some on-demand info
Digital content strategies and resources. Newsletter. Free subscription
Electronic Publishing
Includes online current and back issues. Free subscriptions to editors and managers
Flash Magazine:
Online-only desktop publishing magazine. Temporarily offline; will send print sample
Print On Demand:
Online current issue
Online resources for Web publishing

Many local printers have on-demand presses. Most of the following include Web ordering for on-demand printing and delivery

BFS Business Printing (Boston):
Has Xerox and Xeikon digital 4-color web press
CopyCop (Boston):
Has Xerox DocuColor 70 press
Docunetworks (US and overseas; not Canada):
Offers overseas delivery to Europe, South America, and Asia
Hardbound one-off illustrated books:
PC or any platform:
Mac, via iPhoto:
Kinko’s (US and Canada): (Online only):
PIP (US only):
Sir Speedy (US and Canada):
Variable data services:


Page layout for print and Web, image creation and management, desktop movie, and CD-Rom production;
Acrobat PDF software. Acrobat PDF and Framemaker software. Resources for print production, workflow, etc.:
Design and print, Web publishing, desktop movies, audio, and digital photo:
Software for desktop video, Web, etc.:
Or, see sites for individual applications:,, etc.
Web and CD-Rom production
The Microsoft Office suite will handle many on-demand publishing needs
Page layout and digital media management
Xerox publication management: DocuShare (Windows):


Desktop and network laser and inkjet printers. Digital scanners, cameras, and video
Desktop and network inkjet and wide format printers
Hewlitt Packard: (US)
or (Canada)
Desktop and network laser and inkjet printers. Digital cameras
Digital cameras, E-magazine with tips. Resources for “Infoimaging”
Lexmark: (US)
or (Canada)
Desktop and network laser and inkjet printers
Nikon: (US)
or (Canada)
Digital cameras and film scanners
Digital cameras and camcorders
Digital cameras and photo printers
Desktop and network laser printers
Digital presses:

Desktop Video

Computer Videomaker Magazine:
Offers current issue articles for free. Back issues available to subscribers. Seminars
Comprehensive resource site mounted by DV Magazine; discussion forums
Hardware Central:
“A Starter’s Guide to Video Editing”
Mining Co.:
Includes hardware and software reviews, discussion lists. Beginner’s guide: available through – Computing &
Technology – Software
Desktop Video Handbook On Line, with hardware and software (PC centric) advice
Video University: A large site with numerous resources for video hobbyists. Of note: Desktop Video Handbook 100 articles and how-tos on video

Education and Training

Includes books, online tutorials and in-person seminars on print and e-paper publishing using Acrobat,
InDesign, PageMaker, Framemaker, Photoshop, and other software.
Free email newsletters on print and Web publishing:
Includes articles on a variety of areas of desktop publishing and video.
Color management basics:
Free email newsletters:
Online and in-person seminars (several sites in Greater Boston and New England); many are free:
The Atomic Learning Library:
More than 40 tutorials on creativity and productivity software for PC and Mac, including Photoshop, iMovie,
Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Free video storyboard software. Several free courses and course introductions;
year’s subscription $49.99
Resources for Web design. Including how-tos on Photoshop, etc.
Digital Media, Inc.:
Publishing training on site and on CD-Rom. Free online Photoshop course
Email classes on many development topics. Gordon’s class on “Making the Case:”
Kodak Digital Learning Center with tips and techniques on digital imaging
Seminars, books, CD-Roms, and online training for Web publishing. Includes Photoshop tips
A search engine to find books, CD-Roms, and online seminars on Microsoft software
CompUSA's online seminars; strong on office suites. Also a section on graphics and publishing; 30 days, $99.97
Free how-tos on Quark layout software
Short Courses:
Extensive free course list in digital photography. Bookstore. Links to best photography sites. Email newsletter
Smart Planet:
Inexpensive online courses on software for Web and print page layout

Books and CD-Roms

A Quick Guide to Book-On-Demand Printing by Roger MacBride Allen
“Step-by-step through the essentials of planning, designing, printing and binding true perfect-bound
paperback books”
Digital Printing: Mastering on-demand and variable data printing for profit by Ron Goldberg.
“Everything you want to know about toner and inkjet-based printing. The total source of information
on all aspects of new printing approaches.”
Digital Workflow: Implementing cost-effective print-based automation by Frank J. Romano
“Effective communication from the designer to the pressroom”
On-Demand Printing: The Revolution In Digital And Customized Printing, 2nd Edition (1998) by Howard Fenton
and Frank J. Romano. “The most comprehensive (over 30 chapters) book on on-demand printing”
On-Demand and Digital Printing Primer by Howard M. Fenton.
“Introduction to the digital and on-demand printing processes, intended for the general reader who would like
to understand the current technology and trends”
Pocket Guide to Digital Printing by Frank Cost
Pocket Pal from International Paper.
The printer’s bible now has sections on digital-to-press printing and a supplemental training video or DVD:
Very Last Designer's Guide to Digital, On-Demand, and Variable-Data Color Printing. CD-Rom by David Clark and
Frank J. Romano:

Book Publishing

Authors’ FAQs:
On-demand book publishers (there are many more):
Overviews of on-demand book publishing:
Web Assistance for Self Publishing:
Includes many online links for Web publishing

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