Why is Gordon Sitting with a Cutout
of Yo-Yo Ma Wearing a Hardhat?

Jordan Hall lobby displayOne project during the campaign to raise funds for the restoration of Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory was to create a lobby display to inform every concertgoer about the restoration. This was important because on the weekends the Conservatory rents the hall to Boston's major performance ensembles, whose subscribers may not know anything about NEC and its needs. Walking past Yo-Yo Ma in a hardhat, they couldn't miss learning about the campaign.

Gordon selected the design firm of Shepard/Qraeshi Associates. Richard Shepard is an architect, and Samina Qraeshi later became design director of the National Endowment for the Arts. Construction was by Spokeshave Designs.

Yo-Yo Ma displaySimultaneously, the Conservatory created a small #10 brochure to place in a rack on the display and stuff in every program. It included a tear-off contribution form and reply envelope. Over about two-and-a-half years, this brochure helped bring in gifts ranging from 68 cents to $50,000.

When restoration work on the hall began, the display was dismantled, and Yo-Yo joined Gordon in his office. You couldn't read the placard behind them, but it says: "There are no dancing bears yet, but there's still time." Words to live by.

Photos by Andy Ryan/Courtesy New England Conservatory


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