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R. Gordon Talley

Gordon's PictureGordon Talley is a communications and public relations professional with particular experience in fund raising, institutional positioning, marketing, and media relations for educational, arts, medical, and environmental organizations. He founded R. Gordon Talley Philanthropic Communication in 1996, following 14 years in institutional communications and freelance consulting.

Gordon has created case statements for campaigns totaling over $1.6 billion. He has provided strategic counsel to help boards and administrations plan for and make the decision to launch campaigns—and staff appropriately to carry them through to the end. He has placed stories on the front page of The Boston Globe and in The New York Times. He has coordinated and supervised advertising campaigns, videos, and admission viewbooks as well as designed and art directed newspapers, magazines, brochures, and Web sites.

Gordon has written articles on campaign goals, gift planning, institutional diversity, medical research, and faculty personalities. For general audiences, his published topics include sailing, Boston Harbor lighthouses, The Nutcracker, and kitchen renovation. Click to read his full résumé.

R. Gordon Talley
25 Magazine Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-3960


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